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Вдохновляющая галерея фотографий, показывающая современный и традиционный дизайн с использованием современных и восточных ковров. Пусть эти фотографии помогут Вам найти подходящий ковер для Вашего дома.

Ассортимент товаров

There is virtually an infinite range of different carpet types to choose from. To help you find the right carpet for your needs we have listed some examples of the most common types of carpet. Browse through the selection here below and fetch some inspiration to help you make your choice.

Ассортимент товаров

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Oksana V.:
Excelent portal for designers , different styles, good quality, easy web site, Middle east not so far from us now. Also very that it is posible to find carpets from Turkmenistan. Ideal if would be from uzbekistan & tadzhikistan as vintage as new . Perfect easy service!